Kangchenjunga and Kabru from Sanghak Choeling, West Sikkim (private collection)
Passing night, Aberystwyth (private collection)
Reef (Quindao Art Museum, China )
Parinirvana, watercolour over ink £3500
Girl in Jain Temple, watercolour, ink and gouache (£1500)
Lamayuru (on loan)
School party in Great Kailasa Temple, watercolour and ink on buff paper (£2000)
Towards Gran Paradiso, watercolour over ink (£2000)
Cloud passing over Gran Paradiso (private collection)
Hanging glacier above Val Ferret, pencil and watercolour (£500)
Pool party, Farindola (Museo della Carta e della Filigrana, Fabriano)
Returning from the Telegraph Station, Alice Springs (private collection)
Todd River bed, afternoon light (private collection)
Twilight on the Bosphoros (private collection)
Golden hour, Pretty Bay (private collection)
Thread Shed on green (private collection)

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